i wonder how silly certain people would feel if they stopped talking to me about themselves and their problems for a few seconds

at least long enough to notice that they have exposed their most well-kept secrets to me and yet when they stop to think about it,
they register the fact that they actually don’t know anything of me and the most well-kept secrets that are mine and they have in fact actually never even bothered to ask.

how absolutely absurd they must feel standing in that moment,
when being forced acknowledge that you have opened yourself up entirely for someone else without knowing a damn personal thing about them.

selfishness is such a plague.
it leaves you locked in place eternally.

I feel that maybe sometimes it was better when we just existed in separate frequencies,
because you aren’t you anymore and I doubt if I’ll ever get to observe the parts of you that I love again. They all just kind of went missing one day.

It was as if your entire essence was taken away from you
and replaced with this brief, untouched, colorless being with a one-dimensional mentality.

if you text your ex with an ungodly amount of excitement just to tell them that your favorite porn star talked to you,
you’re probably a snide and perverse asshole.

how perfectly insulting.
not to mention distasteful.

i can no longer digest your sharp ego.